Near-futuristic urban complex full of vitality, located next to Tokyo. Topographic variety with exquisite mountains, rivers and seas.

Just south of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is situated in the southwest of the Kanto Plains and fronts on Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay at the south. In addition to its celebrated standing as an animated district that has led the economy of Japan, Kanagawa boasts topographic variety created by mountains, rivers, and sea, with each locality colored by distinguishing history and climate. Yokohama, the seat of the prefectural government, has grown as a major gateway of the sea to Japan, as well as the center of administration and economy for the whole prefecture. Yokohama City has the development of Minato Mirai 21 Area under way as a near-futuristic urban complex. In addition to Yokohama, there are other well-known vital cities east of the prefecture, such as Kawasaki, one of the foremost industrial cities in Japan, and Yokosuka, an exotic port town.

What is more, natural abounds in Kanagawa. The Sagami-gawa River, known as "Kanagawa's mother river," runs through the middle of the prefecture. There are many tourist spots of long standing, such as Kamakura, Hakone, a mecca for hot spring lovers, and Odawara, a castle town of a feudal lord. In the south of the prefecture sits the Shonan and Miura-hanto Peninsula area, boasting a beautiful coastline, with the northern part of the Tanzawa Mountains spreading out to the west. Thus, Kanagawa is a multi-faceted prefecture, with everything from abundant nature to a near-futuristic urban complex.

Cited by: Japan National Tourism Organization


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2016, Jul, 22


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