Numerous cultural heritage sites, the most famous of which is Himeji Castle. San-in Kaigan Coast National Park is a natural attraction.

Hyogo prefecture is situated in the western part of Kinki Region (Midwest Japan) facing Seto Inland Sea in the south and the Sea of Japan in the north. There are scenic places like Seto Inland Sea National Park, San-in Kaigan Coast National Park, Mt. Rokko and Awaji-shima Island. It also has many cultural heritages represented by Himeji Castle which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Kobe has one of the leading trading ports in Japan, and castle city Himeji, as well as Mt. Rokko area known as a health resort. Kobe that is the core of the prefecture's administration and economy is an exotic port city. On the Port Island, an artificial land floating in the Kobe Port, there is the International Convention Center. The meridian line at 135 degrees east longitude runs through Akashi City and Japanese Standard Time is measured according to this line. Coastline on the Sea of Japan that belongs to San-in Kaigan Coast National Park reveals varied scenery. At Takeno and Kasumi beaches, you can see formative arts of coastline, washed reef, and cave mouth created by rough wave of the Sea of Japan.

Cited by: Japan National Tourism Organization


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