Multi-cultural ceramics reflecting the Asian Continent. The site of Yoshinogari Park that features a tall watchtower.

Saga is located in the northwestern part of Kyushu. The shoreline of the Higashi-Matsu-ura-hanto Peninsula facing the Sea of Genkai is a saw-toothed coast with many outlying islets sitting in the offing. In the prefecture are many nature-rich places to visit, such as Niji-no-matsubara (Rainbow Pine Grove) with a Japanese black pine forest arcing five kilometers from east to west along Karatsu Bay. Nanatsu-gama, known for a row of sea-eroded caverns created by the raging waves of the Sea of Genkai, is another place worth visiting. Thanks to its location facing the Korean Peninsula with the Sea of Japan in between, Saga was an important point of trade with the continent and has been influenced by Chinese and Korean culture since long ago. Even now, you can witness such influences at places like the Tashiro-Ota-kofun, the mound in Tosu City known for an ancient color picture-decorated grave. The site of the Yoshinogari Remains, featuring a reconstructed complex of a 12-meter tall watchtower and an ancient colony, is said to be where Yamatai-koku, a primitive polity of Japan mentioned in an ancient Chinese history book "Gishi-wajin-den," stood, and has attracted more than 16 million visitors since its discovery in 1989.

Boasting much pottery, Saga has been known as the home of ceramics, like Arita-yaki, which has become chinaware enameled with color pictures and Imari-yaki and Karatsu-yaki, which have long loved by tea ceremony masters, since Korean-descended potters from the Li Dynasty opened the first kilns there.

Cited by: Japan National Tourism Organization

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