Beautiful coastline facing the Pacific Ocean. Miyazaki boasts many shrines involved with the myth of the birth of Japan.

Situated in the southeastern part of Kyushu, Miyazaki faces the Sea of Hyuga in the Pacific Ocean in the east and is surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. The north-to-west area bordering Oita and Kumamoto contains the Kyushu Mountains, while the south area bordering Kagoshima has the Kirishima Mountains and the Wanitsuka Mountains. These mountains create a barrier against the winter wind, which, with the effect of the warm Pacific current, keeps the climate of Miyazaki mild.

The prefecture boasts many shrines involved with the myth of the birth of Japan, such as Miyazaki Shrine sacred to Emperor Jinmu, supposedly the first Emperor of Japan. Amanoiwato Shrine and Takachiho Shrine are known for the Takachiho Yokagura. At the Yokagura, from November to February, thirty-three nocturnal Shinto music performances and dances are performed as thanksgiving for the fall's harvest and prayers for the next year's abundant crop. The Nichinan Coast, facing the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful coastline, contains places of natural beauty such as Aoshima and Cape Toi. Seagaia, located along Hitotsuba coast in Miyazaki City, is a comprehensive resort complex complete with a hotel, convention center, golf courses, and other activities fields.

Cited by: Japan National Tourism Organization


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