What is "NihonGo!" ?

NihoGo! is operated by members who are assigned from "School With" .

NihonGo! is supporting students who would like to study Japanese in Japan! You can find the best school for you with NihonGo!.

About us

  • Company name
    School With Inc.
  • ホームページURL
  • Established
    July 3 ,2013
  • Capital
    JPY 56,250,000
  • Location
    TENOHA Daikanyama 6 Floor, Daikanyama-Cho 20-23 , Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
  • Business
    ・Operating the review site of Language Schools "School With"[Japanese]
    ・Recruitment service “CareerWith”[Japanese]
    ・Coordinating Language training program for corporations and educational foundation
    ・English essay correction service for middle and high school students
    ・Advertising Agency
  • Representative
    Hideki Ota
  • Contact
    If you have any questions, Please contact us from Contact page.

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