Privacy Policy

NihonGo! (Hereinafter referred to this Service) ,with the respect to the privacy of all users of this Service (Herein after referred to Users), appropriately deal with the personal information under the following definition of Users' personal information.

The definition of personal information.

Personal information refers to the information identifying other Users themselves, which are name, e-mail address, password obtained through This Service. Obtained personal information is restricted to the information that Users registered to this Service.

Acquisition method of information.

The Users of this Service, in principle, conduct member registration using the various social media including e-mail address, or Facebook's ID, however, it is allowed to browse even if they do not register.
In the case of browsing without member registration, some features of This Service is restricted and the limit of content is modified by the Administrator this Service without notice and they do not assume the obligation of all announcement.
In registering membership using the social media, it is necessary to acquire the information every social media allow the acquisition such as “name”, “gender”, “birthday”, “e-mail address”, “profile”, “the profile image” and register this Service.
The profile information registered in this Service can be browsed by other Users. Users should be acknowledged that their profile information shall be browsed by other Users. To provide the operational announcement, advertising delivery, and other information, there is a case that e-mails are sent to your e-mail address acquired when registering membership. Also, through the use of this Service, some influence occurred to User's social media and related service and all damages and responsibilities associated with it belong to Users themselves.

In this Service, name and e-mail address would be necessary to register. These information is utilized to confirm and inquire Users in the use of This Service.

Cookies is utilized to acquire information in this Service. Cookies is recorded in the User's computer when the User visits to the site. However, recorded information does not include the identifiable information such as name and e-mail address.
Also, in this site, these information is utilized to analyze how service and function Users are interested, or, conduct an efficacious advertisement distribution on a Web site. However, in the case of feeling resistance on the acquisition of information through cookies, it is possible to refuse by setting up in using browser. However, please note that the service would not operate depending on a part of contents and functions.

About the purpose of use of personal information.

Our company utilize Users' personal information as following purposes.

• To provide the information relating to this Service and other Service.
• To confirm Users' identification.
• To notify necessary guidance on the operation of This Service (It shall include things by e-mail).
• To send an e-mail newsletter This Service admits that it is efficient to all Users(It shall include thins by e-mail).
• To prepare or utilize statistical information within the limits of unidentified individuals in this Service.
• To analyze necessary data for a new development in This Service.
• To transact an advertisement distribution based on Users' action, gender, and access history.
• To exercise authority based on the law and regulation and fulfill obligation.
• To correspond after-sales service and various inquiry.

About the disclosure, revise, delete of personal information.

Regarding the personal information, as a general rule. The information is not disclose to the third party without Users' approval.
However, in the case of applying to following sections, this Service confirms the registered information, usage history, message, posting, picture and etc, and discloses to the third party, revise, or delete depending on the situation.

1. The case of query by the court police and other judiciary or administrative agency, and individual analogous to foregoing.
2. The case of problems generating to this Service and the maintenance of the system.
3. The case of violation of the law and regulation and the rule this Service established and consideration that actions are problematic under socially accepted convention.
4. The necessary case of preserving the right of the administrators of this Service, other Users, and other third party and benefit.
5. The case of disclosure to confidentially individuals to this Service such as lawyers and other relevant persons, when considering that it is necessary regarding to provision of this Service.
6. The case of disclosure to individuals who success the business enterprise due to merger, business transfer and other reasons.
7. The necessary case of preserving the individuals' life, health, and property, and the difficult case of obtaining prior consent from Users.

About modification of personal information.

In this Service, Users may change, add, delete the registered personal information at any time.

About the update of privacy policy.

Attempting the protection of personal information, this Service revise the privacy policy depending on the revision of the law and regulation and etc as necessary. In that case, the latest private policy is posted on this Service and given.

About inquiries as to privacy policy.

Please contact Here for general inquiries about the privacy policy of this Service

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