3-2-9 Nagai, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 558-0003

study abroad information for august

  • Terms of studying in Japan
    2016, Apr - 2016, Sep
  • Course
  • Purpose
    Job hunting, Immigrant, Study Japanese Culture
    실생활 일본어와 악센트 발음 교정
  • Japanese proficiency before studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 4 Conversational
  • Japanese proficiency after studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 5 Business Level
  • Examination

august 's Review

Translated in English

Good schools and great points

여러 국가의 사람들과 친구가 되었던것과 야키니쿠 파티도 즐거웠다

Excellent or Awful points on environment of surrounding your school

큰 슈퍼가 있음. 근처에 지하철역이 있음

Message for the future students

부모님과 떨어져서 지내는것이 괴로울지도 모르겠지만 힘내십쇼

Other reviews of this school

Translated in English

  • Message for the future students
  • Post 2016, Jul, 15

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