Tohoku University


study abroad information for Ben Patrick

  • Terms of studying in Japan
    2006, Apr - 2012, Mar
  • Course
  • Purpose
    Study(Undergraduate), Study(Graduated)
  • Japanese proficiency before studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 3 Basic
  • Japanese proficiency after studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 6 Fluent
  • Examination
    日本語能力試験(JLPT) N1

Ben Patrick 's Review

Good schools and great points

Good Point
・A lot of good places to study in the campus
・Very good research facilities
・Many club to choose from

Bad Point
・Many club(bukatsu) especially sports club are not that open to foreigner

Excellent or Awful points on environment of surrounding your school

Good point
・Good seafood!
・Worked part time in a restaurant and the owner was really nice
・Made a lot of foreigner friends
・Good and relaxing nature as our campus is located on top of Mount Aoba

Bad point
・Campus is located on top of mount Aoba. Had to ride bicycle there everyday

Message for the future students

Tohoku Univ is not only famous by its name, it has great environment for study and located in a very lovely town Sendai!

Other reviews of this school

  • Message for the future students
  • Post 2016, Aug, 15

도호쿠대학교 정말 좋습니다. 즐거운 유학생활하시길 바랍니다!

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