Genki Japanese Language School Tokyo

Hanazono Building, 3rd Floor, 5-17-6 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

study abroad information for Nico

  • Terms of studying in Japan
    2013, Sep - 2015, Mar
  • Course
    General Courses
  • Purpose
    Study(Vocational College)
    I like Japan and japanese language
  • Japanese proficiency before studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 1 None
  • Japanese proficiency after studying abroad in Japan
    LEVEL 5 Business Level
  • Examination
    JLPT N2

Nico 's Review

Good schools and great points

They always help and support you. All teachers and stuff are great and nice people.

Excellent or Awful points on environment of surrounding your school

My school is in the heart of Shinjuku, so much fun. The teachers are the best and the atmosphere at Genki(my school) was so great. I miss my school everyday. Studying at Genki was one if the best times of my life. My Japanese improved a lot,because Genki has small classes(max. 8 students), so you can speak and practice a lot during class. The teachers always help and encourage you. And even during their break time, they always there for you. Genki offers more then just lesson, they have trips or teach you about japanese culture. Studying at Genki is more fun then weekends!

Message for the future students

Study at Genki! You will not regret it. I enjoyed everyday at that school. Studying at Genki is fun. I got always sad when the weekends started, because it meant I couldn't go to school.

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