Terms of Use

First Article: The definition of the terms Service.

The use of NihonGo! (Hereinafter referred to this Service) dictates the following the terms of the Service (referred to Terms). The users (referred to Users) of this Service are considered to agree with all contents in this Service. It should be noted that the content could be modified if necessary, and it should be revised without notices to Users at that time. Also, notes posted on this Service shall be constructed as a part of the Terms.

Second Article: The purpose of this Service.

In this Service, Users can browse reviews, which is about study abroad, posted and shared by other Users and acquire the information about study abroad and language schools.As a result, the primary purpose of this Service is to provide the useful source of information to people who consider study abroad make them spend better student life. Also, we aim to perform as a platform connecting people who experienced study abroad, but having a shallow relationship and prospective of international student.

Third Article: Member registration.

The Users of this Service, in principle, conduct member registration using the various social media including e-mail address, or Facebook's ID, however, it is allowed to browse even if they do not register.
In the case of browsing without member registration, some features of this Service is restricted and the limit of content is modified by the Administrator this Service without notice and they do not assume the obligation of all announcement.
In registering membership using the social media, it is necessary to acquire the information every social media allow the acquisition such as “name”, “gender”, “birthday”, “e-mail address”, “profile”, “the profile image” and register this Service.
The profile information registered in this Service can be browsed by other Users. Users should be acknowledged that their profile information shall be browsed by other Users. To provide the operational announcement, advertising delivery, and other information, there is a case that e-mails are sent to your e-mail address acquired when registering membership. Also, through the use of this Service, some influence occurred to User's social media and related Service and all damages and responsibilities associated with it belong to Users themselves.

Fourth Article: Prohibited matters.

In the use of This Service, Users shall not be conducted the any of the following sections or similar actions. In the case of falling under the sections, the administrators of This service have the authority to remove the qualification without Users' approval.
1. Any actions relating to criminal.
2. Any actions violating laws.
3. Any actions going against the public order and morality.
4. Any actions aiming to solicitation.
5. Any actions aiming to advertisement and commercial.
6. Pre-movement of the election, election campaign and similar actions, as well as any actions conflicting Public Offices Election Act.
7. Any actions utilizing this Service for religious purpose.
8. Any actions damaging the intellectual property rights of the administrators of this Service and the third party including Users, portraits rights, privacy rights, honor, and other rights and profits.
9. Any actions giving disadvantage to the administrators of this Service and the third party including Users.
10. Any actions slandering the administrators of this Service and the third party including Users.
11. Any actions generated by buying and selling, gifts and financial interests between other Users and third party (excluding case admitted by the administrators of this Service).
12. Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution of the e-mail from the administrators of this Service or the content of this Service.
13. Any actions of collecting, or accumulating other Users' personal information and attempting to the behaviors.
14. Any actions sending the harmful computer program such as e-mail including computer viruses.
15. Any aggressive actions toward infrastructure of this Service by fraud.
16. Any actions burdening the system of this Service on purpose.
17. Any actions utilizing this Service by impersonating others.
18. Any actions obtaining multiple Users' ID by one Users.
19. Any other actions determined to be inappropriate by the administrators of this Service.

Fifth Article: Utilization, modification, halt of this Service.

There is a case that this Service is modified according to the circumstances of the administrators of this Service without any notices. Also, regarding the Users' utilization, it is proposed that there is no guarantees on a the content of this Service, ensure provision, and access result.
In this Service, the administrators shall restrict a part or all of the use of this Service and give suspension period to Users without notices when in following sections. Also, in the case that users and the third party are damaged by the act of modification and suspension of the Service without Users' approval in advance, the administrators shall not absolutely guarantee and assume the responsibility.

1. The case of inspection of computer system pertaining to this Service or conduct of regular or urgent maintenance work.
2. The case that computer system, communication channel, and etc. are halted by accidents.
3. The case that the management of this Service is not available by inevitable accidents such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, and etc.
4. The other cases our company determined the halt or discontinuation.

Sixth Article: Disclaimer.

The administrators of this Service shall not assume the obligation about the Users' conduction of acquiring the information of this Service (including the information posted on this Service, external information such as books which are introduced, and the information about the link) and the result.
Regarding the post information provided by this Service, the Administrator of this Service shall not assume the obligation of management and deletion.
Regarding the information this Service provides, accuracy and integrity of the information shall not be guaranteed.
Users shall use this Service based on their responsibility and correspond the dispute against conduction through this Service and claim for damages by own expenses.
Regarding the data the administrators preserved, the preserving content shall not be guaranteed. Also, the dispute about the missing data preserved in this Service and the server's shutdown and claim for damages shall be exempted.

Seventh Article: About withdrawal.

When withdrawal, Users apply from the place designated by this Service and the withdrawal application shall be accepted after the administrators of this Service receive the data. Also, the right of information related to this Service shall be lapsed when withdrawal of this Service.

Eighth Article: Copyright and users right regarding to the posted contents.

In this Service, the right of copyright (including the right of the Copyright Act Article 27 and 28) of any texts, URL, images, movies, and etc., which are posted by Users, (Hereinafter called “post information”), shall be attributed to Users.
Users, with the respect to the use of this Service and information posted, shall be agreed with that the right of replication, utilization, edit, reform, reprint, public transmission, screening, sales, transfer, lending, translation, adaptation, and etc. and the right of present copyright holder(It means the right of the Copyright Act Article 21 or Article 28 and includes commercial use) relating to derivative works, shall be transferred to the Administrator of this Service on a no-charge and non-exclusive basis.
Users, regarding to the Administrator's right approved by Users, shall be agreed with the transfer of the right of present production described in the first clause to other Users only within the range of this Service.
Uses shall be permitted this Service and other Users to edit of posted information's content, distribute to such as a metadata, post in the site of the administrators of this Service, distribute to and post in the site the Administrator of this Service associating and etc., for the purpose of the enhancement of the site's quality, advertisement and promotion of utilization.
The Administrator of this Service shall be freely evaluated, discussed the propriety of post, edited the post, and deleted the content of posted information in this Service

Ninth Article: Dealing with personal information.

The administrators of this Service shall be dealt with the personal information in accordance to with the “Privacy Policy” which is determined separately.

Tenth Article: The Guideline of posting reviews.

Users shall be not conducted any of the following sections when posting reviews. The administrators of this Service shall be edited or deleted posted information and restricted or deleted the Users' qualification.

1. Any posting that the administrators of this Service determine that it is offensive to the administrators of this Service, or other Users including the third party.
2. Any posting including the invitation of religious, politics, ethnics, Network business, etc., and the expression.
3. Any posting Users provided because of illegal solicitation and coercive practices by third party.
4. Spam posting such as writing some same content.
5. Any posting with the frequent use of special symbols and platform dependent characters hindering indication.
6. Any posting including personal identifiable information (regardless of oneself and other) such as e-mail address, phone number, and so on.
7. Any posting including the URL of web pages offending other Users.
8. Any posting aiming at the inducing other Services.
9. Any posting going against the public order and morality.
10. Any posting including message for the commercial enterprise advertising objective (regardless of corporation and individual).
11. Any posting offending the others' industrial property rights (patent right, patent trademark and so on), copyright, intellectual property right such as trade secret.
12. Any posting including criminal acts and promoting it (There are cases of applying to laws and regulations in other countries other than Japan).
13. Any posting violating laws and regulation in Japan such as Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Premiums and Representations Act, Health Promotion Laws and etc. and having the risk of it.
14. Any other posting determined to be inappropriate by the administrators of this Service.

Eleventh Article: Transfer of right.

For any reason whatsoever, the administrators of this Service, in the case of the transfer the business related to the provision of the Service to the third party, shall be agreed that that contractual status based on Terms and the generated right and obligation in connection with Terms is owned by the third party and Users shall be agreed with it in advance.

Twelfth Article: The possibility of separation

Even though a part of Terms' rule is judged to be invalid under the law and regulation, other provision of Terms shall be valid.Even though the relationship between the part of Terms' rule is judged to be invalid or dissolved, Terms judges the relationship with other Users is valid.

Thirteenth Article: Violation of using terms.

In the case of detecting the actions violating Terms, I would like you to report to the administrators of this Service immediately.
In the case that Users admitted the violation to Terms, or the administrators of this Service assumed that it would be necessary, the administrators would take following copings.

1. To warn Users to stop the actions violating Terms and request not to conduct similar actions in the future.
2. To make Users withdraw from this Service forcibly.
3. Users assume that they do not reregister membership.Users shall be not lodge a protest toward the administrators' coping against Users' action violating Terms.

Fourteenth Article: Applicable law and jurisdiction.

This Terms shall be complied with the Japanese Law and interpreted.
Also, the dispute between the administrators of this Service and Users shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo district court.

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