• 150 students
  • 79% Students enrolled
  • 33% Students passed
  • 9 teachers

Features of this school

School Infomation


4-21-15 Hashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 252-0143

  • Go straight for 50 meters from the wicket of Keio Sagamihara Line Hashimoto Station then turn left, after walking about 20 meters you will get the north wicket of JR Yokohama line Hashimoto station. Then go down from the concourse of JR Hashimoto Station (Mizuho Bank side) and go straight for 8 blocks to the north, it's the 4th flat on the right. Or turn right at the 3rd signal from the station then walk for about 50 meters.

Starting date of Japanese language instruction


Number of Teachers

9 (Including Full-timeTeachers:3 )

School Scale

150 (Double Shift)

User Evaluation

  • Syllabus and Curriculum
  • Teachers
  • Management
  • Facility
  • Activity

Environment of school surroundings

  • Shopping
  • Restaurant/ Coffee Shop
  • Entertainment
  • Public transportation
  • Atmosphere


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